Cirrus Raceboats is a specialist manufacturer / supplier of racing dinghies and parts. It is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and we offer nothing that we do not or would not use ourselves. Racing dinghies that offer high performance for 'regular' sailors are our speciality and foremost amongst these are Blaze (and Fire / Halo) and our 2 crew Icon family.

We hope you join the growing numbers of Blaze owners or are intrigued by our new 2-crew boats. - We build and supply the Blaze and license others to produce and market Icon family derivatives (but we can also supply the all new Rondar development very soon in the UK/Ireland  alongside other distributors from mid 2015).  They are great boats for both the experienced racer and for the ambitious 'intermediate'.

Our underlying philosophy is to keep things simple as possible - The KISS principle.

If 'it' does not justify its place on our boats then you really don't need it but this does not mean having to compromise on performance.  It keeps things lightweight, highly functional and accessible to many more.  Our boats tend towards the minimalist - by design.

Give us a call for a chat about the boats and their suitability, or to arrange a trial sail.  Alternatively send us an email and whatever the stage of your enquiry we will do our best to help you.