Cirrus OFFER  - June 2016 Blaze Paignton National Championships.

This will be the very last time that Cirrus makes this offer before the Blaze becomes a Hartley Boats one soon after the 2016 Nationals. 

The location is truly excellent, and one we have used previously.  Great club, good storage, launching and fantastic sailing area.  Accommodation is very near as we are literally in the middle of Paignton with numerous B&B’s and club/storage area and accommodation are all within a couple of minutes of each other – and it is remarkably inexpensive to stay right on the spot..  Paignton entry costs a  modest £ 60 for all three days and this usually includes at least one meal at the club in my experience.

Anyway … the Cirrus offer is now sadly closed as we had to order the clothing in good time (before 12/5) However we can still offer you a high quality heavyweight 'Cirrus Raceboats' 'T' shirt if you order a new sail for delivery at the Nationals or very soon after.

1)    Enter the Nationals.

2)    Order your new sail asap

3)    Receive  a 'Cirrus Raceboats' quality 'T' shrt at the Nationals.

4)     'T' Shirts will also be available for a nominal price at Paignton if you do not want a sail.  If you want to reserve one please let us know your size in advance .... or take your luck. 

5)     BTW you can even spread the sail cost over 3 x postdated cheques (one with order, second one dated for the time of delivery, last one a month later…. And if you have a decent enough Blaze sail already you can still take advantage  of the smock offer by ordering a Fire/Halo one     



Cirrus Raceboats is a specialist developer / supplier of racing dinghies and parts. It is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and we offer nothing that we do not or would not use ourselves. Racing dinghies that offer high performance for 'regular' sailors are our aim.

We work with and license others to produce and market 'Icon' family derivatives (Cirrus will be suppling the innovative new Rondar development in the UK alongside other distributors in the next few months)

We aim to develop designs that are suited for the experienced front-line racer but are just as suitable for regular club sailirs. The underlying philosophy is to keep things simple and as light as possible.

If 'it' does not justify its place on the boats we work with then you really don't need it - but this does not mean having to compromise on performance.  It keeps things lightweight, highly functional and accessible to many more.  Our boats tend towards the minimalist - by design.

Whatever your interest send us an email and whatever the stage of your enquiry we will do our best to help you.