Blaze - 10.4m sail

Hartley Boats Limited ( acquired all Blaze rights from Cirrus Raceboats in 2016. 

Mike (aka 'Mr Cirrus') remains heavily involved with the Blaze class, not least as an active racer.  He will of course retaining one for personal use !  New boat enquiries should be addressed to Hartley Boats but Mike is very happy to advise / undertake used boat refurbishments occasionally into the future.

The Blaze Family also includes  the Blaze FIRE (8.8m Sail) + Blaze HALO (11.5m Sail) options.

The standard Blaze is well established and most examples seen will sport the regular 10.4m sail.  Today it is joined by the Blaze FIRE and Blaze HALO variants - All three use the same Blaze hull and spars and switching between them now involves little more than a sail switch with the HALO variant also requiring the mast to be set more upright.

Other rules and limitations apply to FIRE and HALO - to be covered elsewhere.  In summary we think Blaze Halo should only be seriously considered by the larger helm  - generally over 90kg.  Blaze FIRE can be used by just about anyone but it is mostly intended for the younger / older / lighter / Female crew.


How Fast ?  The Blaze currently (2017) has an RYA PN of '1023' and a recent 'Great Lakes' number of '1027'.  The GL handicap numbers are increasingly used both at major handicap events (Such as the Sailjuice Winter series), and at Summer sailing weeks plus some clubs. 


Blazes maintain their value extremely well and good used ones at bargain basement prices are now increasingly difficult to find. If you can purchase an early one with potential and want us to arrange for it to be updated or to supply replacement parts for you to fit we can both advise and help you.