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Blaze / Halo  FACEBOOK

From October 2014 we are encouraging you to consider joining the Blaze group on FACEBOOK - It is OPEN TO ANYONE  You don't have to be an owner, just to have an interest in the boat and you are welcome ask any questions and take part in the various discussions and threads.  It is however moderated and if justified (very very infrequently note !) contributions can be removed.  Contributions are welcome provided they are constructive and civil etc !   

Blaze Class Association

The online resource for BLAZE enthusiasts! The Blaze Class Association exists to assist the development, promotion and organising of Blaze sailing. Their website includes pictures and information on the Blaze class, information about upcoming events and a discussion forum.

XC weather site

XC Weather provide detailed wind observation maps for the UK, and provide a detailed forecast for a given postcode, so you can find the latest wind and weather information for your location.