'Fire' 8.8m sail option   


'Fire' is the most recent additon to the 'Blaze' family and was introduced formally in early 2015

It uses a totally standard Blaze hull with regular Blaze spars.  Completely interchangeable with the 10.4m Blaze sail without mast rake or other adjustment.  The only significant differences are:

1) The 'Fire' sail is approximately 8.8m in area and like the Blaze main is 'semi-battened' with a mix of full width and partial battens.

2) The intended users are mainly a slightly different demographic to the regular Blaze - the young(er) ... and old(er) plus the very light and females and anyone who wants to push their personal upper wind speed limits.

The performance is very crisp and 'Fire' is hardly slow but it is less demanding with extremely light sheet loadings.  The more modest sail area coupled to the Blaze wing system means that almost whatever your weight or strength you really can look forward to higher winds more often.


Pic: Development 'Fire' sail in 2014 - still sporting 'Blaze' Logo ...

How fast ?  The CA and several owners raced 'Fire' equipped boats for several months before release.  Their assessment is that it warrants a handicap of '1065' at present - or roughly 40 'points' slower than a regular Blaze (about 2.5 minutes per hour).  The 'Great Lakes' handicap system has set an interim number of '1050' for use at 'Sailjuice' events in 2014/15.  Their understandable policy is to apply a 'challenging' number to 'new' classes until sufficient GL race results are recorded.  It is very possible that these early handicap numbers will converge in time.

Racing ? - In 2015 there will be starts for Fire entrants in several major Blaze Opens including at the HISC Blaze Championships in July.  The first running of the Fire Cup (and Halo Cup) will be run in Autumn 2015     

Please note the handicap figures discussed above are NOT manufacturers recommended numbers.  Cirrus merely reports on those currently in use at several clubs and by other 3rd party handicappers.   As race results are recorded and forwarded to the RYA (and 'Great Lakes') handicappers more official numbers will emerge. 

3-11-14 ..... latest update: Dec-15