For Sale - Blaze & Halo & Fire

Used Blaze (and Halo+ Fire) Boats and Equipment FOR SALE.   Anyone can send us an email with 'for sale' details and we will post it HERE for up to 60 days.  It is a totally free to all but please remember Cirrus does not necessarily endorse anything offered.  Send relevant details to   headed 'Blaze equipment for sale'.


Used boat + sails availability & wants

One of the best Mk1 Blazes coming available in the last couple of years.  The real '581'. Completely refurbished from bare hull professionally polished and with majority of new parts, carbon boom or alloy boom, new roping, cleats, rudder etc etc fitted.   Completely replaced wings and tramps with option of lightweight alloy OR carbon outer tubes as an extra fitted.  Literally everything optimised as I'll be racing it at Burghfield through the winter myself  (!)... or until sold whichever is sooner.  Complete with vgc gunwhale hung trolley and very nearly new R&S cover.   Option of sail supplied include from almost new to 'perfectly adequate' if on a tighter budget to get started - either standard Blaze 10.4 and/or recent Halo sail.   Almost any package possible inc combi-base option. 

Can be viewed at Burghfield SC  from mid November... call/TXT  Mike L – See contacts page.  


 Sought   We occasionally seek out earlier boats for upgrade. Cirrus sorts used hulls, upgrades and repairs where needed or wanted and can sell with any mix of equipment and rigs.  Sails available from virtually 'free' but 'will get you started' standard to brand new and unused.  Always worth a call whether you are buying or selling ....  

There is a real shortage of good used Blazes as you will already know if you are looking for one... You can also try 'Apolloduck' - just google it and do try the Blaze association website.  If you want to place a 'WANTED' ad here simply email Cirrus with proposed wording.

Sometimes we have boats that really need a complete strip out and 're-manufactring' to bring them up to the latest possible specification before offering them.  So if you want a truly excellent re-manufactured Mk1 or Mk2 or even a refurbished we can sometimes help. One of the last Mk1's we prepared was entered in the Nationals a few of years back and finished 3rd overall - even in the current era of epoxy boats and carbon rigs.

WANTED - Cirrus can even buy your current Blaze for cash. If you are interested contact us via the usual links with full details.  We regulary seek used boats to refurbish.